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The Who Crew (Andrea)

The Who Crew

"Our aim is to bring Doctor Who closer to the German SciFi-Fans.

Cinemaniacs : Hey Andrea, thank you very much for taking time to do this interview. Please, tell us a little bit about you; what exactly does”The Who Crew” do?

Andrea : We are a group of fans of the British TV-Series „Doctor Who”, which is intermittently on air since 1964. In Great Britain this series is very popular, you could say it´s “cult”. But here in Germany it´s still not known very well. Therefore our aim is to bring this series closer to the German SciFi-Fans.

Cinemaniacs : And how?

Andrea : For example by appearing on SciFi-Conventions where we show „Doctor Who” replicas or organize cosplay fotoshootings. Furthermore we inform interested fans about the content of the series.

Cinemaniacs : How was the ”Dr. Who Crew” formed?

Andrea : The Who Crew was formed in summer 2011. Since I spent a lot of time in London and even got the chance to visit the ”Doctor Who Experience”, more and more ideas came into my mind. Unfortunately we didn´t have anything like that in Germany. - No exhibition for example. Which certainly was logical, as „Doctor Who” is still not very famous here in Germany. More and more nice people, such as Heinz and Michael Westerweller, Noah Beiderwellen and RockinRobin joined the crew to start up a mutual project for fans by fans. Everyone has his/her own duty. Heinz for instance rebuilt the”TARDIS”- the doctors’ time machine. Noah talks to the fans about the doctor. Michael is my fugleman. He supports me in organizing, for example the free competitions or in printing individual business cards. Robin, who already is well known for his collection and who exhibits his items on several events, is contributing the amazing ”Daleks” (the most popular enemies of the doctor), rare collectors’ items as well as many costumes. All together we are a so called „dream-team”. It´s always a pleasure working with them.

Cinemaniacs : How did you yourself hear about Doctor Who?

Andrea : Well, this was a funny incident (laughing). My neighbor was calling me on the phone, asking me if I could help her out with some eggs as she was just about to bake a cake. As I was just returning from work and didn´t have any plans for the evening yet, I went and gave her the eggs. When I entered her flat, she was watching TV. Funny enough, she was watching „Doctor Who”- the 1. Season. Surely, I stayed for another coffee as I was fascinated from the beginning onwards. So, one came after the other and I was totally thrilled by the time lord and his TARDIS.

Cinemaniacs : Would you say the Doctor has a chance in Germany?

Andrea : I believe he does. Still you have to introduce the series and let the audience know-”hey, there is something NEW, something really good going on suitable for old and young”. The German fan base is increasing. And if this continuous the doctor will not be an unknown quantity anymore.

Cinemaniacs : What was your personal highlight on conventions?

Andrea : Of course, the fans! It´s always nice to see how happy the fans are, to see the bright eyes of children. That means a lot to all of us. These moments motivate us to keep on going. Because, to be honest, all of this would not be possible without you, the fans. Doctor Who lives through its fans. They make the series what it is – successful.

Cinemaniacs : And how do you benefit from this?

Andrea : We do not earn any money. The ”Who Crew” is a fan project. We make a living out of our members. We invest a lot of time and of course money, and are always happy to receive positive feedback.

Making Doctor Who more popular in Germany will also help to produce more episodes in the future.

Cinemaniacs : Thank you for the interview. Anything you´d like to say?

Andrea : Yes, I´d like to say thank you to Michael, Heinz, Noah, Robin, Christiane, Ina and the Doctor-Who-Fans! As well as Polyband and FOX Deutschland who support us actively wherever they can. Furthermore BBC Germany, who are accepting this whole spectacle. And to everyone else...thank you! We are hoping to accompany you many more years to come.